Doug Swenson Workshops Totnes 2019

Saturday 21st September

11am -1.30pm: Ashtanga Vinyasa - Primary Series
- This class is a gentle introduction to Doug’s own unique fluid approach to Ashtanga Yoga. This is based on first level Ashtanga Yoga format. Class includes yoga adjustments and pranayama. All levels welcome.

3pm - 5:30pm: Handstands / Inversions and Balancing
- In this class the students will experience a delightful, holistic flow of asana – focused around handstands, inversions and balancing. With many tips on how to avoid and overcome in jury

Sunday 22nd September

11am -1.30pm: Vinyasa Yoga - Cross Training
-This class is a delightful blend of Ashtanga and Soft form Yoga. Class starts with Doug’s completely unique approach to powerful Ashtanga Yoga, and then shifts gears into a challenging, yet, soft form Yoga format. Followed by, Pranayama and deep relaxation.

3pm - 5:30pm: Yin Yoga
In this class the students will enjoy the simplicity of a nurturing, gentle asana flow. Many postures will be supportive, relaxing and held for longer duration. The vinyasa will be light (Non muscle resistance). Props will be utilised to enhance the experience.

£70 full day or £130 for whole weekend
Contact James Russell:
[email protected]
All those who attend will be richly rewarded

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Doug Swenson began his study of yoga in 1963. He has had the fortune of studying with many renowned teachers including Dr. Ernest Wood, Ramanand Patel and many others.

Doug is a master yoga practitioner / teacher, philosopher, poet and dedicated health advocate. He has incorporated influences from several different yoga systems along with his passion for enhanced nutrition and cross training to develop his unique approach.

Over the years Doug has authored several books; “Yoga Helps”, “The Diet That Loves You Most”, “Power Yoga for Dummies,” “Mastering The Secrets of Yoga Flow” and “Pioneering Vinyasa Yoga.”
Doug travels extensively offering workshops, retreats and teacher training courses around the world. Don't miss the opportunity to study with one of the world’s top instructors. Doug's classes are always invigorating and inspirational and his supportive style of teaching and keen sense of humor send his student’s home with a smile on their face and warmth within their heart.